New Lebanese & Colorado Wines

Happening: 1-4pm - February 4th, 2023

2018 IXSIR Altitudes Red, Batroun District, Lebanon


This red is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Caladoc, and Tempranillo grapes aged six months in French oak barrels. Warmth, sharpness, maturity and character are the dominant traits of this wine. Imprinted with mature fruits, its delicate and complex bouquet balances an oaked aroma with notes of blackberry and blackcurrant. Its silky, mellow finish makes it a pleasant and accessible wine, to share in a relaxed environment.

2021 IXSIR Altitudes White, Batroun District, Lebanon


This unique blend of a Lebanese indigenous grape Obeidy with Viognier and Muscat starts with an exquisite bouquet of floral aromas and flavors of grapefruit. This floral and fruity blend translates into a balanced and sharp palate hinted with spicy undertones. A soft touch of acidity gives the wine a pleasant freshness.

2019 Chill Switch Wines Mourvèdre, Colorado


Dave Aschwanden creates his wines with patience and old-world techniques that allow the wine to develop its complex flavors naturally. He ages his reds in French oak for 30 months. Crafted exclusively from grapes grown in Colorado, Chill Switch wines are made without adulteration: no freaky stuff. No color enhancers, flavorings, artificial aromas, stabilizers, clarifiers etc. His Mourvèdre wine offers ripe, savory cherry fruit notes accented by mellow, oak-spice nuances.

Red Fox Cellars Merlot, Grand Valley, CO


This Merlot is aged in used Bourbon barrels for six months. Flavors start with ripe red fruits before finishing with nuances of vanilla, brown sugar and a hint of bourbon. I’m not normally a big fan of whiskey barrel aged wines, but this wine changed my mind. Rich, mellow and tasty.