Private Tastings

Private Wine Tastings

One of the best (and most fun) ways to learn about wine is to get together with a few friends and have a ‘Private Wine Tasting’. A private wine tasting is a fun, social, interactive way to increase your knowledge about wine. It is also a great way to try a number of wines without purchasing full bottles

For me wine is for drinking, not worshipping. After all, the best wines are not the most expensive, they are the wines that bring you the most enjoyment at the right time and at the right price. Many wines, particularly those produced in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United States or Chile, are labeled according to grape variety. While there are thousands of different grapes grown around the world, most wines are made from one or two of just a dozen or so major varietals. The specific region within a country in which they were grown and produced distinguishes other wines, especially those from France, Italy and Spain. For centuries these are the ways wines have been identified. For the consumer, this does little to tell you how the wine actually tastes. For example, you might love a crisp, refreshing California Chardonnay, but a rich, oaky, buttery California Chardonnay might disappoint you. They are both California Chardonnays, but they taste worlds apart. If you select wine only by the grape or only by region, you may mistakenly choose an earthy medium-bodied mellow style when you’re really looking for a full-bodied bold style. Both may be great wines. but what is finding a wine that matches your style and taste. Tonight we’ll explore different wine styles and tastes to help you learn what style works best for YOU!

See below for examples of private wine tastings we have done in the past

Crisp & Minerally vs. Rich & Round
2007 King Estate Pinot Gris, Oregon / 2005 Amethyst Reserve Pinot Grigio, Carneros, CA

Think Pink…..Not Sweet!
2008 Angoves “Nine Vines” Rose of Grenache & Shiraz, South Australia

No Oak vs. Oak Aged
2008 Skouras Red (Saint George – Cabernet Sauvignon) Peloponnese, Greece / 2007 Skouras Saint George (Aghiorghitiko) Nemea, Greece