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“You will be hard-pressed to find a more thoughtful selection and incredibly knowledgeable staff on wine. It is truly a gem of a store and everything a wine store should be.”
Doug B.

“We like the small-town feel of this shop. The service is excellent, and it’s nice to find specialty wines that big liquor stores don’t carry.”
Mary N.

“By far, one of the best shops along the Front Range. Dirk and his staff have been exceptional in helping me find new wines based on the ever-cryptic descriptions of what I like. Not only are they knowledgeable, but the way the information is presented and integrated into the conversation is a refreshing change from the all-too-common condescension that comes when asking about wine (such a deterrent for me). They have even been accommodating my requests for wines and spirits they don’t usually carry and have come through for me on almost every occasion. If there were only a way to give 6 stars…”
Andrew B.

“Knowledgeable staff. Free tastings from time to time. Works with local restaurants to feature global wines. Competitive prices. Best of all worlds!”
Paul C.

“Dirk, the owner, says, “Anyone can buy a good $40 bottle of wine. The trick is to find a good bottle for $15.” The Wine Seller always finds has fantastic boutique wines at a nice price.”
Karl R.

“Nice quaint place. Good wine selection. The owner was friendly and knowledge. I liked that he had Bourbon for sale as well.”
Erin F.

“Dirk is the best! Incredibly knowledgeable about every bottle in his shop. Sells everything from $10-100+ with not an ounce of snobbishness, even when you’re looking for simply ‘cheap and cheery.’”
Meredith M.

“Five stars for Dirk, “The Wine Seller!” Stop by this unique store—great selection at all prices, and Dirk will guide your selection if you’d like. U.S. or foreign wines—take your pick. He also features a monthly wine club that rocks. Some interesting whiskies too. Highly recommend.”
Brian C.

“Dirk is super knowledgeable, learns what his customers like, and has a great selection. You can’t go wrong here.”
John N.

“Love this place. Great variety, good selection of different French wines too. Dirk is friendly and knowledgeable and learns your tastes! He also makes good suggestions for what to try. Highly recommend.”
Tim N.

“Shockingly good selection includes hard-to-find wines the big box stores don’t have. Some upscale whiskey options as well. Reasonable prices, friendly owner (Dirk), and dog. It seems they have cheeses and such as well. I am going to need to explore more deeply over time.”
Jack L.

“Really like this store. The owner is friendly, and the selection is good. We have done the wine tastings a couple times and were not disappointed. We signed up for the monthly wine club and really enjoyed the bottles that we received for our first month.”
Michael T.

“You guys are nothing but professional, and your service is always above and beyond! We always love the recommendations you offer and your wine tastings! The wine dinners you host are amazing! Keep it up!”
Gabriel B.

Small Business Spotlight:
Monument Wine Shop Seeks to Give Customers Authenticity
The Gazette


“Wonderful store, with a variety in wine and spirits to select. If you have questions, just ask. You will get helpful advice and recommendations. Dirk also has a selection of cheese and charcuterie worth checking out.”
Teresa K.

“The Wine Seller is the only place to go to buy wine. Dirk is the best! He is very knowledgeable and caters to my organic taste. Super friendly, huge selection and small prices.”
Chip S.

“This is a true jewel in Monument! Owner Dirk Stamp has a well curated selection of wines from across the world. Needless to say, his wines have great value. Many of them are under $20. His Saturday tastings are a great way to not only connect to other wine lovers but find new favorites. Highly recommended local business.”
Martiza H.

“We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful, incredible wine store in our community. Such places are rare. Extremely knowledgeable about wines, incredible selection (don’t let the small size of the exterior fool you – there is a much wider variety of wines for sale than most much larger liquor stores), and just about everything they have on sale is worth trying. Add in a wine club, Saturday tastings, and events with local restaurants and the Taste of Palmer Lake.”
Craig G.

“Quaint shop, really friendly staff and some rare treasures that can’t be found elsewhere even in the bigger shops.”
Geoffrey C.

“Dirk is very knowledgeable about the wines he has in his store and with great customer service, you feel like family every time you walk in. It’s a great place to shop for great wines!”
Kate B.

“This my local go to place for wine. I don’t buy locally from anywhere else as the service here as always friendly and I always leave with what I need. Dirk and Matt know their wine inventory extremely well and have been my most reliable source for old world wines. I prefer the more intimate experience of shopping for wine here than at the typical liquor store next to the grocery store. Dirk actually travels the world looking for the best values in wine, which is evidenced in his excellent recommendations. The store hosts tastings and special events that help you connect directly with producers. Highly recommended!!”
Lee B.

“I have been customer of Wine Seller for many years. This place is Awesome. It has helped me to get familiar with the best products of around the world and evolve my taste for good wine.”
Mehdi G.

“Good wine. Dirk, the owner is great at recommending wines you may not have known about. He has traveled many places and visited many wineries, bring back some really good wines. He is very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Carol B.

“I stopped in with a colleague just to check it out. What a wonderful store. Plenty of wines to select, and priced totally affordable. Dirk walked me through several South American wines that certainly enjoyed.”
Michael B.