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Dexter Three Wood Straight Bourbon Whiskey

For the week of: September 26th, 2022

Introductory Feature Price: $54.00/bottle.

The Dexter Bourbon Company returns bourbon to its roots in the 1800s when bourbon was crafted by barrel blenders and customized for customers. The company is named in honor of the world famous 1800s bourbon blender – Edmund Dexter. He was so renowned – Charles Dickens and King Edward VII stayed with him at his home on 4th street in Cincinnati.

In Edmunds honor, they offer Dexter Three Wood Straight Bourbon finished with 200 Year Oak, Maple Wood & Cherry wood produced, finished and bottled by Brain Brew Custom Whiskey, Newtown, miles north of Kentucky!

200 Year Oak provides richness, Cherry wood complexity and Maple wood smoothness.

Notes: Warm chestnuts, toffee, and milk chocolate covered strawberries rise from the glass. Wonderfully round and spicy on the palate, this is a rather energetic Bourbon bursting with stone fruit and berries that give way to black pepper and brown sugar on the finish. 50.3% abv Regular Price: $59.00/bottle

Voted one of the 12 best Bourbons in the world and awarded 95 points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2020!

I think it’s one of the most tasty, interesting whiskeys I’ve tasted in instant classic...if you enjoy Bourbon don't miss this opportunity!

Order Requests: Please e-mail me your request ASAP. Orders are available to pick up this Wednesday.